Mar 17, 2010

Delta Childrens Products Canton 4 in 1 Convertible Crib, White

Delta Childrens Products Canton 4 in 1 Convertible Crib, White

White Convertible Crib Description
The gorgeous Canton Crib combines an element of style, functionality and quality that is unmatched. Its gorgeous finish coupled with impeccable design and transitional capability makes it a must have for your little one and will grow with him/her into their adulthood. Features a non-drop side stationary design for the ultimate in safety and adjustable mattress support for convenience. Measures approximately 54.3 x 43.2 x 35H when assembled (some assembly required). Uses a standard sized crib mattress (sold separately) and is JPMA certified. See the canton dresser that matches this crib perfectly (sold separately) to complete your nursery.

White Convertible Features
  • Converts from crib to bed, toddler bed or full size bed (bed rails not included - sold separately)
  • Solid hardwood construction with 4 position mattress support (crib mattress sold separately)
  • Gorgeous design and finish
  • Some assembly is required - tools are included
  • Meets all JPMA safety standards and certifications
  • Product Dimensions: 54 x 33.4 x 41.4 inches ; 65 pounds

Some User Review From Amazon


The 4 in 1 design is actually three configurations with the daybed and toddler bed being the same setup. This design has been around for years but was new to me. I am more familiar with the "jail cell" like cribs designed in the early to mid 1970's and was pleasantly surprised to find this for our son.

The piece is made from solid hardwood with a cherry finish, no MDF or particle board, and after a few years use, if it gets scratched up, then refinishing the wood would not be a major project. The crib mattress support is metal tubing that appears to have a hard rust preventative finish.

The design is solid and would take an adult making an effort to tip it, even in the daybed configuration. Yet it does not weigh so much that one person can not move it around, by sliding it, to vacuum or clean the carpet.

I only noticed three items I can criticize:

The counter sunk screws used to assemble the crib did not come with wood plugs to cover the screw heads, although flush or button plugs can be purchased at most hardware stores and stained to match. I do not recommend flush fitting ones since they will need to be removed later.

The hex key wrench that was supplied with the assembly hardware does not fit within all spots; the use of a standard hex key with a short side is required.

The sideboards needed for converting it into the full sized bed is sold separately; however, most metal bed frames will allow enough play in the end mounts that the sideboards would not be required; provided it has mounts at both the head and foot. Also if a bed skirt is used the sideboards would not normally show, so they could be considered optional.

This is an excellent buy for the price.


This is a very elegant, beautiful and sturdy piece of baby furniture. It came with every piece in my single shipment. I do see one scratch on it but its ok. It's also quite roomie. My son plays in it sometimes when I need to work and it's large enough for him to move around lots. The only complaint I have is that the front frame is kinda low. I'm afraid about how easy my son may be able to climb over in the future when he's a little bigger.

Overal I'm very satisfied with this purchase.


This has survived my 2 year old son & still looks great! Everything about the durability & portability written about in the previous review is correct. I have disassembled & assembled many times because I can't decide which room I want to keep it in & it's just as solid every time. It's strong too! I've laid down several times with my son & did no harm to the frame.

One thing I will caution, and not so much caution just be prepared for...the one thing that did not survive my child are the bed rails for the toddler bed setup. He found them fun to stand on...

Other than that I have recommended this crib several times in the last 2.5 years

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