Mar 18, 2010

DaVinci Parker Crib in Pearl White

DaVinci Parker Crib in Pearl White

White Convertible Crib Description

Thoughtfully designed to allow you to take baby out of the crib with little effort, this charming crib also features a partitioned underdrawer that provides extra storage for baby belongings. The Parker Crib is durably crafted from the highest quality pine constructed in New Zealand, and its mattress spring system ensures that your baby receives the ideal support as it grows. Converts into a daybed, toddler bed, or full-sized bed.

White Convertible Crib Features
  • Includes toddler bed conversion guard rail and headboard and footboard to convert to a full-size bed with K4799 conversion rails (sold seperately)
  • Features 4 level mattress spring system
  • Meets or exceed all U.S. standards, Lead and phthalate free, non-toxic finish
  • Made of New Zealand Pine wood from sustainable forests
  • 1 year limited manufacturers warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 58.8 x 30.8 x 47.2 inches ; 65 pounds

Some User Review From Amazon


My husband and I are good students, we did a lot of research before deciding on this crib. Our homework included visits to Babies R Us and Jordan's, reading Baby Bargains, Consumer Reports, and reviews here on Amazon. We chose this one based on (1)Price (2)Quality of reviews/materials (3)Extended life due to conversion options (4)Preference for no drop-side (5)Availablity in a Natural finish.

  • Shipping was fast! We ordered on 8/11 and it arrived 8/19.
  • Assembly was easy! I'm 31 weeks pregnant, and put it together alone in less than 2 hours with nothing but a Phillip's tip in my drill and the materials provided.
  • It's sturdy and strong without seeming massive or heavy.
  • It's attractive, natural pine and has graceful curves.
  • Included toddler rail is terrific and extends the life of the crib.
  • Included trundle drawer is nice bonus.
  • You can order parts to convert to a full-sized bed, further extending the life of the crib.
  • All-wood/metal construction.

  • Directions could use a little fine-tuning. I'm pretty handy, and they were not so clear. The wooden crib parts are not labeled at all, making it difficult to determine which side was which. I also ended up with extra parts. There were many more locking washers included (20) than were indicated in the parts list (4), and the instructions never told you how and when to use them. I used 4 when installing the metal platform, but didn't use the rest.
  • Trundle drawer is pretty cheesy. Not that this should be a selling point of the crib, but it's mostly particle board, the under-drawer support is too short, and the total drawer size is tiny compared to the dimensions of the crib. No wonder they don't show it in the picture! Ironically, this was the only part that had any labels for assembly.
  • Pine is a soft wood, and dings pretty easily. It arrived with a couple of dings, and I put a couple in it during assembly. This is to be expected and is a compromise we were willing to make based on the price.

  • This will be our first child, so we haven't used it yet, nor do we have much to compare it to besides other furniture.
  • Someone less handy might have more trouble with assembly.
  • Amazon told us it would arrive in January, but that probably was a SNAFU.
  • Product is actually made by Million Dollar Baby, DaVinci is a sub-label of MDB. You can find MDB/DaVinci reviewed in the book Baby Bargains (which is an awesome resource, for the record.)

Nice crib for the price, which is just what we wanted. Thanks!


When I saw this item online, I thought it looked solid and beautifully crafted. I know however that things don't always look as good when you receive them. This item exceeded my expectations. Not only is the color great, but it is as stable as I thought it would be. My husband put it together, and had no problem. We love that the side is curved so I can get my 9 month old son out easily. I am 7 months pregnant and was concerned that because the side does not go down, that I would have a problem reaching him. I have not had this problem. Also, the mattress will still go down two more levels for when he begins to pull himself up.
The only thing people should know, is that THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE ATTACHED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SPRINGS. We thought the instructions were left out as there was a piece of cardboard attached to the springs, and could not see the instructions. This item sat in the box for days while we tried to get a response from the manufacturer as to receiving a copy of the instructions. I wish someone had informed us of the location prior to our issue. Anyway, great item!


I did alot of of research on cribs and found this one to best fit my needs. I am short and the bowed front helps with getting in the crib to lift a baby out. This is something I had not thought of before!
Assembly was fairly easy. My husband and I put it together in 2 hours. The crib is solid, stable and a beautiful honey oak color. One note - the drawer rolls on the floor under the crib and therefore does not have any 'top' to it. This could lead to dust on the items you store in there or a lovely nap place if you have cats! I would definitely recommend this crib and can't wait to watch my baby sleeping in it.

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